Safe Natural Flea Remedies

If you have pets, chances are you have experienced the unpleasant intrusion of fleas into your home. The first step in offering natural flea remedies is to be proactive from the start. A trip to the veterinarian will likely result in nothing more than the recommendation to use one of the many potentially toxic insecticides that are typically used to control fleas; however, these insecticides are something many pet owners choose to avoid, especially given the potential health risks they may pose.

There are home remedies for fleas that can be very effective, but you must be diligent in getting rid of fleas so that they do not continue to plague your pet and your home. One method of effective flea removal is to use a special fine-toothed flea comb and twice a day, comb your pet from head to tail. In addition to this regular combing, you might want to try a natural fleas control shampoo. You can find holistic shampoos that are extremely effective, but avoid products with tea tree oil if you are shampooing a cat or small dog.

For a natural home remedy for fleas, diatomaceous earth can be very effective. It is important that you purchase this product at a pet supply store and not get the kind that is meant for use in pool filters. This natural product can be used both on your pet as well as throughout your home and yard. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on your carpets, paying particular attention to cracks and crevices. It can also be used directly on your cat or dog. Vacuum floors after 3 days and repeat weekly until you are sure the fleas have been eliminated.

When treating your home for fleas, you need to pay particular attention to areas where your pets like to sleep and spend the majority of their time. Vacuum these areas thoroughly and wash all pet bedding in hot water on a weekly basis. In addition to these measures, you might want to consider shampooing your carpets; this can be an even more effective flea treatment than simple vacuuming.

Another very effective method of controlling fleas in your home is to simply reduce the humidity level. Fleas need humidity to survive and reproduce. A dehumidifier can be especially effective in ending the life cycle of fleas that have invaded your home.

To control fleas in your yard, you can also use diatomaceous earth, but again, be sure it is the type meant for use with pets. In addition to sprinkling the diatomaceous earth on your yard, it is important to keep the grass cut short which will help the sun to kill fleas and larvae. You can also purchase nematodes which will eat the flea larvae and pupae, but be sure to follow label directions carefully.

When treating your pets and home for fleas, it is important to keep in mind that natural flea remedies must be used not only on your pet, but in your home and yard as well. If you do not tackle all three of these areas, your pet will simply become reinfested and the ongoing cycle will continue. If your flea treatment is not working, try something else, until the problem is resolved.

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