Are Natural Flea Remedies Safe For Pets

Natural flea remedies are by far safer compared to commercial anti-flea preparations. Home remedies for fleas run the gamut from boric acid to tea tree oil, but the common thing that these remedies have is that they are not composed of harmful and potent chemcials that could poison your pet. The great thing about these remedies is that you can easily mix them up in your kitchen, while other remedies you can find in your local grocer’s. If you are planning on using a topical anti-flea treatment, going natural could be the best option, especially if there is a chance that your pet could start licking on the treated area.

Vinegar, lavender, and citrus oil
Some homeowners swear by this mix which you can spray on to various surfaces if you are getting rid of fleas. You can also apply this flea treatment spray directly on to your pet. The smell irritates fleas and the lavender and citrus oils can soothe the irritation that flea bites cause on the dog’s skin.

Boric acid
This flea treatment is very popular among pet owners. You simply sprinkle the powder over the surfaces where you find most of the fleas. You can let the powder stand for a couple of minutes before you brush and vacuum to remove most of the powder. The residue will be enough to keep fleas at bay but will not be in amounts that are toxic to your pets.

Another excellent and very safe concoction for natural flea control is rosemary water. Steep some rosemary in the kettle for several minutes until the water turns brown. You can use the water as a spray that you can apply on most surfaces of your home.

This may seem like a strange option for you but nematodes are perhaps the most natural you can get if you want a natural way to kill fleas. Nematodes are worms that feed on fleas and garden parasites. They are especially effective for removing flea eggs. Spread nematodes around the garden or the home, but make sure that you also take precautions to guard against a nematode invasion.

Compared to commercial flea sprays and powders, natural flea remedies provide a safer way for you to kill fleas. Using natural solutions that you already have in the kitchen, you can keep your house safe from flea infestations. By doing so, you are keeping your pets safe from harmful chemicals as well.

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