Easy Homemade Flea Remedies

If you or your pets are having a problem with fleas, it might be a good idea to use some natural flea remedies. In case you didn’t know, fleas are wingless, brown insects, and these insects survive by drinking blood from their host. Fleas are insects that you do not want anywhere near you or your pets.

Flea treatment can be tricky because these insects are very difficult to get rid of. Over the period of 10 months, a female flea will lay 2,000 eggs. That is equivalent to about 40 eggs every single day. This type of insect can even carry bacterial infections. Below you will find a couple of different home remedies for fleas that include supplies you probably already have lying around the house.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

When compared with other natural solutions for flea removal, this is one of the best. To treat your pets using this method, you need to pour the apple cider vinegar into whatever size spray bottle you have. A 1:1 ratio should be used to dilute the solution. Before spraying your pets with the solution, they should be bathed in baby shampoo. You need to rub your pet’s skin, as you are spraying the solution on them.

This process needs to be repeated for a period of two weeks, every other day. While using this method, it is recommended to add three tablespoons of vinegar to very gallon of water your pets will drink. If your pet has a lot of open wounds, make sure you do not use this method.

To treat humans with this method, grab a washcloth and wet it with vinegar. Next, wipe the entire body down with it. After the vinegar has dried, get dressed. You should also be drinking about one tablespoon of vinegar, with eight oz. of water, once each day. In most cases, it will take three weeks to get results.

Dish Soap:

Another great option for getting rid of fleas is Dawn dish soap. Natural fleas control with dish soap is very easy to accomplish, and it is still a natural way to remove the fleas. Grab a washcloth and apply some Dawn dish soap to it. Next, you need to scrub every portion of your pet’s body.

Make sure you do not get soap too close to very sensitive areas like the eyes. You can use a flea comb to finish washing your pet with the soap. After the scrub, make sure to rinse your pet’s body well. This is a very effective home remedy for fleas.

Using these natural flea remedies, you can finally banish these stubborn little insects forever. Everyone who has ever had to deal with fleas knows just how frustrating it can be. Natural remedies are effective for flea removal because they are safe. By using natural remedies, you do not have to worry about subjecting your pets to harsh extremely harsh chemicals. In the end, your pets will love you for thinking of them.

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